Penhill tree planting

Penhill Forum in conjunction with the Penhill Junior Street Reps will be holding a tree plant sometime shortly after St. Valentines Day 2020. This will take place on Minety Road recreation ground, Penhill.  We are adding to trees already there to create a Play Wood. One, which we hope, as it grows children will be able to use. It is being planted on a steep hill, which is no good for play as it is, but holds untold possibilities for exciting ‘urban’ type additions in the future, once the wood is well grown. The First plantings put in on April Fools Day 2016 are doing well.  We hope that this wood, will take a few years to complete and that youngsters will be involved at each planting, although it will be their children that will benefit.  We strongly believe that adults won’t value wildlife unless they have the opportunity to experience it from childhood and without reprimand. ‘

– Marilyn Beale, event organiser.

We’ll update the event as full details are known. Please check back.