Central Swindon North Parish tree planting – Ferndale area, SN2

‘My name is Hakan and I am an allotment officer in Central Swindon North Parish Council.  I am proud to say that the parish is focusing on planting lots of trees, looking after our green spaces for future generations.  I have been asked to organise a tree planting session on Tuesday the 10th December 2019 around Cobden Road, Ferndale Road, Iffley Road and Wembley Street, SN2.  We have around 550 tree whips (60-80cm tall) of different species to plant. I have been asked to get as many people as I can with tree planting on the day.’

To get involved, please contact Hakan on 07741 849106 or by email. Please bring suitable clothing for all weathers, including boots. And please, if you can, bring a shovel. Children to be accompanied by a responsible adult(s), thanks.

Planting area – map courtesy of OpenStreetMap.

Here’s a list of the species that will be planted, with links for further info:
10x Crataegus monogyna
51x Acer campestre
100x Betula pendula
50x Pinus sylvestris
35x Corylus avellana
7x Sambucus nigra
40x Populus nigra ‘Italica’ Salix caprea
40x Populus alba
40x Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’ Prunus padus