Treasures from our Trash: Swindon’s perspective

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The 19th June is National Refill Day so Refill Swindon want to invite our community to participate in a photography competition, celebrating our efforts in the campaign against reducing single-use plastic waste.

We want to see photos that reflect your view on plastic and other waste pollution; problems and solutions; the relationship between waste, humans, animals and vegetation; maybe even the beauty in turning the challenges of waste and plastic into opportunities.

It’s almost impossible not to notice how polluted the world around us is.  A large proportion of that is plastic. Government data shows that Swindon Borough Council recycled only 39.3 per cent of its waste for 2017/18, which is way below the Government target of 50 per cent by 2020.  So, everyday household items, such as plastic bottles, often end up in landfill, being burnt or dumped, polluting the environment around us for many lifetimes.

This competition aims to encourage creative perspectives that bring to attention the growing rubbish problem and the behaviours that encourage it in Swindon.

How does it work?

The theme is “Treasures From our Trash”, with all perspectives welcome. The photographs must be taken in and around Swindon, and please don’t forget to give them a title!!

Enter the contest by either emailing your photo to (with name and photo title) or uploading your best photos to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #refillswindon 

The contest opens on National Refill Day (19th June 2019) and closes on 16th August 2019. Winners will be chosen by Marine and Natural History Photographer Ben Watkins and will be announced Saturday 31st August.

One winning photo will be chosen to represent the town on the Refill HQ website! Other Prizes include a Plastic-Free Hamper donated by Swindon Pulse Wholefoods, Re-useable Steel Bottles and more…

The Judge: Ben Watkins is a London based photographer with a focus on wildlife and conservation. His passion has taken him around the world, documenting people and their dedication to safeguarding threatened and endangered species. He aims to encourage others to help by highlighting the numerous issues that wildlife faces.

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