Tree planting / conservation activities *updated 6th March’ 2020

*Penhill tree planting is now confirmed. Trees play a vital role in the health of our planet, providing habitat, allowing us to breath, storing carbon dioxide, preventing flooding… SCAN support Friends of the Earth campaigns to double the amount of tree cover in each region of the UK, and to make our towns and cities ten times greener. The UK is the second least wooded country in Europe (after Ireland). In Swindon, we need to create more green spaces. We currently have 8% tree cover. The more urban areas of Swindon fare worse. This compares to Bath 20%, Salisbury 19.8%, Newbury 22%, Abingdon 16.3%, Oxford 21.4%, Gloucester 13.6%, Cheltenham 12.8%, Bristol 18.6%. SBC has introduced a 30% target but it is difficult to see how that will be achieved as trees continue to be cut down for housing developments. There are tree planting and other conservation activities planned around Swindon.[…]

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Naturehood project encourages Swindon residents to do ‘One Thing for Wildlife’ this autumn

Earthwatch Europe’s community wildlife project Naturehood is embarking on a new campaign to encourage residents to take positive action for nature this autumn. The ‘One Thing for Wildlife’ campaign will focus on the first Naturehood communities in Swindon and Oxford, encouraging them to make the most of the season before hibernation begins in earnest. Many people associate acting for nature with the spring and summer months, and tend to spend less time outdoors once the autumn begins. But this is a crucial time to support wildlife. Dr Tristan Pett, Research Manager for Naturehood, says: “The nights are drawing in, which means that now is the time to help local wildlife get ready for winter. The actions people take now can make a real difference to some of our favourite species, like sparrows and hedgehogs, and ensure they get the best possible start when spring comes.” The Naturehood team is promoting[…]

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Pinehurst litter pick poster

Pinehurst Litter Pick – January 2019

6th January 2019. We started 2019 as we intend to go on, with positive action. Three community organisations, RSPCA North Wiltshire, Swindon Street Reps and Swindon Climate Action Network, worked together to clear up litter as part of the Plastic Free Swindon campaign. There is rubbish all over Swindon, it’s so unnecessary. It injures animals, looks horrible and much of it needn’t have been made in the first place. Thanks to all involved for doing such an excellent job of clearing estate and woodland areas in Pinehurst. At the end of the litter pick, we sorted out the rubbish for recycling. Good job. The combination of community groups worked well and we intend to continue working together to brighten up Swindon for all. More litter picks to come… This event was covered in an article by the Swindon Advertiser.

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