Swindon conservation activities to counter climate change – updated 5th December

Trees play a vital role in the health of our planet, helping deal with climate change. SCAN support Friends of the Earth campaigns to double the amount of tree cover in each region of the UK, and to make our towns and cities ten times greener. The UK is the second least wooded country in Europe (after Ireland). In Swindon, we need to create more green spaces. We currently have 8% tree cover. This compares to Bath 20%, Salisbury 19.8%, Newbury 22%, Abingdon 16.3%, Oxford 21.4%, Gloucester 13.6%, Cheltenham 12.8%, Bristol 18.6%. There are tree planting and other conservation activities planned around Swindon. Working together, we can all play a part in dealing with climate change and make the town a brighter, healthier place to live, where nature thrives. Volunteers needed! Upcoming events and ongoing activity:– Peatmoor Community Woodland – Open Morning.– Central Swindon North Parish tree planting – Ferndale[…]

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