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Nude Foods in The Core, and next steps for Swindon Zero Waste Initiative.

The following was released by the Swindon Zero Waste Initiaitve on the 28th May 2019: ‘Our zero-waste shop, Nude Foods, has now been open for 6 weeks. Thanks to all who have come to shop and support us so far. If you haven’t tried us yet, please do. We hope to see you soon! In realising our project, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Kris Talikowski, the owner of The Core. Allowing us a free space in his Juice Bar has meant the difference between reality and just a dream! If you visit our shop, please do consider partaking of some of the wonderful healthy juices and snacks available at The Core. Well worth a try and a nice way to show our thanks for the support! Also, a huge thank you and appreciation to all our fantastic volunteers. We wouldn’t be here without you. Please do keep[…]

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Plastic Pollution Action Plan placard

Plastic Pollution Bill – template letter

***Plastic Free Swindon can now be found at https://plasticfreeswindon.org*** You are welcome to use this template as a guide to write to your MP: Dear [Insert MP’s name] The impacts of plastic usage / pollution with regards to climate change and loss of biodiversity are being increasingly understood and are extremely concerning. I refer you to the detailed report by the Center For Environmental Law – https://www.ciel.org/plasticandclimate/. We urgently need legislation to stem the tide of plastic pollution and to control the use of hazardous chemicals often used in plastics. Plastic is being found in increasing levels in animals, waterways, land, food and humans. Toxic, unnatural chemicals persist in our environment, such as hormone disruptors and mutagens. They are responsible for disease and suffering. The government’s actions to tackle plastic straws, cotton buds and wet wipes is welcome. However those actions are greatly insufficient, allowing plastic pollution and chemical toxicity[…]

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Ecobricks Tips

***Plastic Free Swindon can now be found at https://plasticfreeswindon.org*** Here’s a few tips that we hope that you will find useful: Watch the videos on the ecobricks website. Only use clean, dry, non-biodegradeable plastic. Any organic material can cause the bottle to explode. No metal / foil, as used in some crisp packets and sweet wrappers. Again, see the ecobricks website for further detail. Start with smaller bottles, if you have them. They are easier to get right. Intersperse the lighter plastic with the more rigid plastic to maximise the density. Start with lighter / easily crushable plastic. Scrunching it up a few times first makes it easier to compact in. Cut the more rigid plastic up and insert it in small layers. Weigh your bottle frequently to ensure that you achieve the correct density. If you are filling a bit at a time, make sure you compact the partly[…]

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Zero Waste Shop launch in Old Town

***Plastic Free Swindon can now be found at https://plasticfreeswindon.org*** It’s a pleasure to announce that the new zero waste co-operative, Nude Foods, will be opening in Old Town on the 17th of April at 6pm in The Core, 4 Devizes Road, SN1 4BJ. Lesley Chandler who has led the setup of the initiative writes:”The most marvellous news is that we are collaborating with The Core in Old Town. Kris, the owner, has very generously offered a space to set up a zero-waste outlet within the café. This wonderful offer means we will be able to stock approximately 60 dry food products. Kris will also be selling fruit and veg, unwrapped of course. This is much more than our original plan for a pop-up shop. Not only that, but we will be open 6 days a week alongside the café. We want our project to be ‘for the community, by the[…]

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