Zero waste shop launches

Swindon’s new zero waste shop, Nude Foods, launched on Wednesday 17th April 2019. Many people from the local community were there to celebrate and see the new shop in The Core. Nude Foods currently has 43 products for sale, all dry goods. It has taken 5 months to set up the shop, a co-operative / Community Benefit Society (CBS), serving the local community. Local media covered the launch including the Swindon Advertiser.

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Plastic Free Swindon banner

Plastic Free Swindon – simple guide

To help people make changes at a local level, we have put together this simple guide of actions that can be taken locally in order to reduce plastic pollution. For ideas on reducing the amount of plastic we buy, please check out our plastic-free blogs and Friends of the Earth’s plastic-free website. Refill Swindon reduces plastic water bottles by providing places for people to refill their reusable bottles. It is part of the growing international Refill scheme. Asking cafes, restaurants and pubs to support the scheme is a simple way to make positive change. Please contact us if you would like to help grow the scheme or would like to sign up. Supporting zero waste, local, independent and organic has many benefits for the health of people, animals and the environment. Fortunately for Swindon, we have shops that support those important aspects:Nude Foods is the new zero waste co-operative, launched[…]

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Ecobricks launch article banner

Ecobricks in Swindon

What is an ecobrick and why is it important? ‘An Ecobrick is a reusable building block created by packing clean and dry used plastic into a plastic bottle to a set density.   Ecobricks enable us to take personal responsibility for our plastic’ ‘When we save, segregate and pack plastics into bottles, we can make building blocks that can be reused over and over again. Together we can build green spaces that enrich our community and remove plastic from the biosphere.  Together we can transition from plastic to ever greener harmony with Earth’s cycles.’ Ecobricks are a way to deal with some of the vast amounts of plastic pollution out there. It is important to understand that this is not ideal in the long-term and that, for many reasons, we need to be moving towards zero waste. Projects encourage community collaboration, teach about plastic pollution and show how difficult plastic is[…]

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Zero waste shop banner

Zero Waste Shop launch in Old Town

It’s a pleasure to announce that the new zero waste co-operative, Nude Foods, will be opening in Old Town on the 17th of April at 6pm in The Core, 4 Devizes Road, SN1 4BJ. Lesley Chandler who has led the setup of the initiative writes:”The most marvellous news is that we are collaborating with The Core in Old Town. Kris, the owner, has very generously offered a space to set up a zero-waste outlet within the café. This wonderful offer means we will be able to stock approximately 60 dry food products. Kris will also be selling fruit and veg, unwrapped of course. This is much more than our original plan for a pop-up shop. Not only that, but we will be open 6 days a week alongside the café. We want our project to be ‘for the community, by the community’ and have therefore decided to operate as a[…]

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Artsite poster banner

‘My Town, My World’

Sustainable Community Art Project SCAN are working with Artsite, local artists and local businesses to produce a town centre mural. The town centre is in much need of regeneration. The project is designed to reinvigorate community art in the town centre and provide positive messages. SCAN will be working with Artsite and the chosen mural painters to incorporate important messages around sustainability. Funding for the project is from InSwindon BID. Creative workshops will be put on for people coming into the town centre to get involved in, based around art and issues of waste. Details tbc. The closing date for applicants is the 24th March 2019. If you would like to be involved and / or for further information, please see this Link magazine article.

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My Plastic Free Blog – Helen

It initially seemed a not insurmountable problem- going plastic free for July. After all there were alternatives, weren’t there? I knew it would be much more difficult for the rest of my family as they are meat eaters whereas I’m not. I knew some things would be impossible; for instance, medication blister packs which are generally a combination of foil and plastic. Not much chance of getting those in bulk or loose. For everything else, surely it would be possible to avoid plastic for one month. The Changes I’ve Made So Far A trip to the usual supermarket was a bit of an eye opener when I counted only about 3 types of vegetables out of the 30 or so on offer that were not wrapped in plastic. Luckily an unsuspecting manager appeared and started checking some nearby items. So I challenged him on the requirement to wrap basic hard[…]

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My Plastic Free Blog – Anna

A few words about me I’m a bit of a womble (hate waste), and love nature! Never happier than when walking a coast path, breathing in the ocean, watching seals playing; or stomping around the Marlborough downs, around magical Avebury. Genuinely joyful at hearing birdsong, seeing bees and butterflies and picking raspberries straight from the bush. I have a deep respect for nature, and how very reliant we, as a species are on it, not just for our physical but also mental well-being. So taking the #PlasticFreeJuly challenge was a no-brainer, and having a group of colleagues at work who were willing to do the same definitely encouraged me to make a real effort. What did you do for Plastic Free July Tackled plastic around my food and in my toiletries for the most part. And had a lot of conversations about reducing single-use plastic and unnecessary packaging. Experienced some[…]

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My Plastic Free Blog – Ben

About Me I’m an organiser with SCAN and am coordinating the Plastic Free Swindon campaign. I have been an active campaigner for the last four years and am dedicated to making positive change. It has given my life much purpose. Besides campaigning, I love to sing and play guitar around Swindon. Spread the love, as a good friend always says. I make further considerations when buying products which have made the transition to being plastic-free more difficult. I buy almost entirely from independent, local shops as I recognise the many benefits of doing so. I only buy vegan produce so as not to cause suffering to animals. And I mostly buy local organic produce – good for the environment and local people / economy. Good for me. Changes Made So Far: I now keep my diet fairly simple by buying whole foods. It is cheaper and healthier than buying processed[…]

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My Plastic Free Blog – Lesley

About Me My name is Lesley. I am a 59 year old grandmother from Swindon. I can’t remember the exact moment I decided to start reducing plastics. It’s been bothering me more and more over the last year or two. I was shocked to learn about the plastic recycling myth and that so little plastic is actually able to be recycled. Before then I hadn’t considered the impact of the UK’s large scale shipping of plastic waste across the world and that it is not truly known what happens to it. Having your plastic picked up from the doorstep lulls you into a false sense of security. I blindly believed that plastic was properly recycled. How wrong I was! Our out of control use of plastic is totally mad. We are ruining our planet. During my lifetime we have gone from hardly anything wrapped in plastic to today where it[…]

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My Plastic Free Blog – Sarah

About me Project Manager in green tech, political activist and busy mum of three girls. Part of an extended family who is passionate about the environment. Decided to give Plastic Free July a go in 2018 to see what changes consumers can make alone, and where we need manufacturers and supermarkets to make the big changes. Given the number of plastic-free gifts I received for Christmas, these campaigns seem to be making waves! The Changes I’ve Made So Far In preparation for going plastic-free in July we stopped buying milk in plastic bottles and now have ours delivered in glass bottles three-times weekly. Even when we moved house, we took our delivery with us. Beeswax wrap for sandwiches and for covering food in the fridge is another habit we have changed. It isn’t perfect but it does the job and my sister-in-law actually made us a new wrap by soaking[…]

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