Redlands development – urgent action!

The proposed Redlands Park development in Highworth has recently had more revised plans submitted by the developer. We only have until May 1st 2020 to respond to those. Very little time is being allocated by SBC for parties to respond to planning revisions. We have drawn up a template letter (further down the page) that you are welcome to use. Please take and share this urgent action. We are objecting to the proposed plans for the following reasons: Removal of trees and other greenery. Possible damage to mature tree roots. Existing trees may be chopped back. Most houses are not suitable to have solar panels. There are too many houses / the density of housing is too high. Energy efficiency not up to required standards. Lack of sunlight for ‘affordable’ housing. The developer would like to develop further on adjoining land once access is gained through the proposed Redlands development.[…]

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