The Story of Plastic – community screening

***Plastic Free Swindon can now be found at*** Wednesday 1st July 2020, 7:30-9:30pm We are delighted to be hosting an online community screening of The Story of Plastic for the start of Plastic Free July. It is made by the excellent Story of Stuff project, whose films have raised awareness of plastic pollution and helped form a worldwide movement. ‘Plastic pollution is everywhere we look, smothering our oceans and poisoning communities around the world. Meanwhile, Big Plastic only plans to expand production. We need to chart a different course.’– The Story of Stuff project. In fact, Big Plastic aim to increase plastic production 70% by 2030 having recently invested $185 billion in new refineries! More info, including a trailer for the film, can be found here. We’ll have a discussion afterwards about the film and what we can do in Swindon to make a difference. If you’d like to[…]

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