Swindon Earth Strike – Global Day of Action

12:30pm, September 20th 2019 – Meeting outside Morrisons in Regent Circus, SN1.

There is a global climate strike from the 20-27th September 2019, aka Earth Strike. People in Swindon will be joining in with planned actions. This from the local Earth Strike organisers:

‘On Friday 20th of September, hundreds of thousand of people will be downing tools across the world to demand immediate action on climate change! So far, 6000 people have registered events in over 150 countries, and Swindon is getting involved! Earth Strike can be a day that makes history, but we need your help.

Young people have been leading the fight against climate change for the last year with a series of massive school and college strikes for climate. Now, they are asking the rest of us to get involved! September the 20th will mark the start of a week of global strikes and demonstrations which will see hundreds of thousands of people across the world unite to demand immediate action on climate change.

The event, being billed as the world’s first ‘Earth Strike’ is being organised by a wide range of groups, including unions such as the IWW (International Workers of the World), the UCU (union for lecturers, academics…), BAFAW (bakers’ union) , as well as activist groups such as Fridays4Future, Extinction Rebellion and many more.

Significantly, the TUC (an umbrella organisation representing over 7 million union members in the UK) is debating calling a 30 minute work stoppage on September 20th, the first of it’s kind since 1926! In the UK, restrictive trade union laws have had an impact on how fully unions can play a role, but across the world, trade unions are preparing their members to strike in their thousands. 

Historically, trade unions have played a central role in social justice struggles, so their input in to the campaign marks an exciting new chapter in environmental activism. With hundreds of thousands of union members working in the energy, transport, construction and infrastructure industries, the support of unions and their members can bring vital pressure to bear on government and employers as we seek to transition to a zero carbon society. 

In the UK, events are already scheduled for dozens of towns and cities, and now Swindon is getting involved!  A coalition of local groups and activists have come together to plan a series of events culminating in the big day of action on September 20th.  Over the coming months, we will be hosting banner making workshops, public meetings, protests and leafleting events to give people a chance to find out what climate strike is all about and get involved! 

On September 20th we will be meeting at 12.30pm at in front of Morrisons at Regent Circus, SN1 before heading off for a march around town. If you are able to get off work, college or school, or spare your lunch break, it would be great to see you there!  Updates and info on all of our events can be found in our Facebook event. Please feel free to like, share and invite mates.

We are running a crowdfunder to raise money for venue hire, banner materials, posters, leaflets and advertising. Any contributions are always appreciated. 

No matter if you are a hardened eco-warrior or brand new to the movement, Swindon Earth Strike welcomes you to get involved, so please try and join us on September 20th: The day the Earth strikes back!