Swindon Council Climate Change Motion – Thursday 24 January 2019

Come to Council to watch our local government debate Swindon’s first Climate Change Motion.

On Thursday 24 January 7pm, a motion is being debated by Swindon council at it’s full council meeting. If you feel this is important, it would be very worthwhile to discuss it with your councillors and come to the meeting to observe the debate from the gallery.

The details of the meeting and the currently proposed motion are here: https://ww5.swindon.gov.uk/moderngov/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=284&MId=9503&Ver=4

Many councils around the world and in the UK are starting to realise the urgency of action to mitigate climate change and the attendant environmental destruction. Bristol for example has recently passed a ‘zero carbon 2030’ motion, and London has followed suit:



Swindon could be in the vanguard of the transition to a zero-carbon economy, delivering economic benefits to Swindon in terms of new jobs and market opportunities.

The motion as currently proposed by the administration is very weak compared to those in Bristol and London and does not call for any actions.

You can contact your councillors to discuss the issue using the details here: https://ww5.swindon.gov.uk/moderngov/mgFindMember.aspx

You can also contact councillor Cathy Martin, the proposer of the motion in its current form here: https://ww5.swindon.gov.uk/moderngov/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=2550

Some ideas that would strengthen the motion include:

  • referencing the 1.5 degrees C target currently proposed by the IPCC instead of the 2 degrees C target currently in the motion
  • requiring all council proposals to assess climate implications
  • requiring the council officers to draw up an action plan and report back to full council within 6 months
  • requiring energy, food and transport policies to be considered
  • requiring the council to report estimated emissions for the borough including scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions (ie direct emissions and those embedded in purchased items)
  • clarifying that the motion applies not just to council emissions but to emissions from the borough as a whole

To join us, go in through the main entrance of Civic Offices, Euclid St, Swindon SN1 2JH (or round the back direct to the public gallery).

Facebook users please join and share the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2086538374766487/

For further information you can contact Julian, julian.p.jones@gmail.com, 07809 122474.