Plan your Green Homes Grant work now

The government has announced a (relatively small) budget for starting to reduce energy wastage from heating drafty and poorly insulated homes. They are encouraging installers to sign up.

It would be good to hear from local installers who can help, and also from people who are wondering what they can do to avoid wasting energy on heating their home and hot water. This is a leading cause of climate change.

The initial round of funding is expected to be taken up very quickly when released, so people need to think about what needs doing and apply immediaately applications open to have a chance of getting help this time.

There will be some money for councils to improve their housing stock and more for individuals to apply, including a low-income scheme with greater benefits, see the additional information here:

You can start planning your improvements and find accredited installers here:

Local advice is available from Warm and Safe Wiltshire, see

You can also email or contact me Julian on 07809 122474 . I’d like to hear how you are getting on and will try to help if I can.