Protect Swindon and Highworth’s Woodland: Save Redlands Copse!

Phase 1: Submitting objections to the proposed planning development.

Redlands Copse is a mature, mixed woodland of 200 native trees, home to deer, foxes, badgers, bats, slow-worms and over 60 species of bird, some on the ‘threatened’ list . Construction company Backhouse wants to cut down 97 of these trees for their proposed 65 home development. This is despite the trees having Tree Protection Orders placed on them by Swindon Borough Council and despite Highworth Town Council rejecting the application.

In a time of deepening ecological crisis, we need to make a stand, and we need your help!

Step one of our campaign is to get as many objections sent to the council as possible. You can send your objections to . You will need to quote ‘S/RES/19/1371’ at the top of your email, along with the date, your name and address.

Objections need to be in by the 15th October.
Please share widely to help get as many responses as possible.

For those unsure what to write, feel free to use some or all of our template letter below which can also be downloaded as a file: .pdf, .doc, .odt.

Re: S/RES/19/1371 Redlands development

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to object to the construction of homes at Redlands, Highworth. I am asking for the development to be abandoned for the following reasons;

– The proposed plan involves the felling of 97 mature, native trees which have Tree Protection Orders placed on them. They are an important feature of the local environment and should be protected in light of the deepening global ecological crisis.

– The area is an important ecosystem and home to many species of wildlife including badgers, foxes, deer, bats, slow-worms and over 60 species of bird, including many on the ‘threatened’ red list.

– I feel that all new development should take place on brownfield land, or involve the renovation and retrofitting of existing housing, of which hundreds of units lie empty in Swindon and the surrounding area.

– I would like assurance that, for the comfort of residents and the wider environmental implications, that all homes are built to the highest possible environmental standards, such as Passivhaus.

– I am dismayed to see that the development barely manages to scrape the councils own unambitious minimum target for affordable housing. With many young local people already struggling to get on the housing ladder, I want to see a much more ambitious target that will ensure that our young people are afforded the opportunity to live affordably within their own community.

Please accept this email as my objection to the Redlands development for the reasons outlined above. I look forward to hearing how SBC intends to address these concerns.

Kind regards,


Issues such as build standards, development location and affordability have been included as they are important for the well-being of our environment and communities.

This is a joint action by SCAN, Swindon Earth Strike and Extinction Rebellion Swindon. Sending in objections is phase one of our campaign. Phase two, coming soon. You can get in touch at as well as via local Facebook groups: Swindon Earth Strike, SCAN, Extinction Rebellion Swindon.