Plastic pollution commitment letters – Stan Pajak

I really enjoy it when I can easily give an answer to a very important question. To both questions the answer is yes.

Significantly on this day [15th November] the Lib Dem party launched its policy on combating the climate emergency.

Lib Dems will spend £100bn on combating the climate emergency:
– The Lib Dems have set out a clear plan to tackle the climate crisis.
– An extra £100 billion will be pumped into combating climate change and protecting the environment when the Liberal Democrats take power.
– Across a five-year Parliament, Liberal Democrats will spend and invest an extra £100 billion of public finance on climate action and environmental preservation.
– This includes a new £10 billion renewable power fund to leverage in over £100 billion of extra private climate investment.
– This will fast-track deployment of clean energy, to make Britain not just the world leader in offshore wind, but also the global number one in tidal power too.
– And we will invest £15 billion more to make every building in the country greener, with an emergency ten-year programme to save energy, and fuel.

Best regards and a big thank you for your excellent work in Swindon.


This letter is in response to a letter that we sent to all of Swindon’s parliamentary candidates for the 2019 general election. See this post for details.