Plastic Pollution Bill – template letter

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You are welcome to use this template as a guide to write to your MP:

Dear [Insert MP’s name]

The impacts of plastic usage / pollution with regards to climate change and loss of biodiversity are being increasingly understood and are extremely concerning. I refer you to the detailed report by the Center For Environmental Law –

We urgently need legislation to stem the tide of plastic pollution and to control the use of hazardous chemicals often used in plastics. Plastic is being found in increasing levels in animals, waterways, land, food and humans. Toxic, unnatural chemicals persist in our environment, such as hormone disruptors and mutagens. They are responsible for disease and suffering.

The government’s actions to tackle plastic straws, cotton buds and wet wipes is welcome. However those actions are greatly insufficient, allowing plastic pollution and chemical toxicity to continue and exacerbate. An example being UK supermarkets’ use of plastic packaging. That has actually increased over the last 2 years:

So it is clear that business does not regulate itself, and so needs regulation. We need legislation to commit this and future governments to ending plastic pollution. I ask that you support the Plastic Pollution Bill, as drawn up by Friends of the Earth and the National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI). It is legislation that will provide a timetable to phase out plastic pollution. More information can be found at

Yours sincerely,

[Insert your name and address]