Plastic Free Swindon – simple guide

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*Last updated 2nd February 2020.

We have put together this simple guide to reducing plastic. Working together as part of the global Break Free From Plastic movement, we can eliminate plastic pollution. This is a work in progress; as the campaign expands so, will it.

Supporting zero waste, local, independent and organic has many benefits for the health of people, animals and the environment. Fortunately for Swindon, we have a couple of brilliant community shops that support these important aspects:

  • Nude Foods is the new zero waste co-operative, launched on April 17th 2019.
    *Update – Sadly Nude Foods stopped trading in January 2020. An announcement is to follow shortly.
  • Founded in 1976, Swindon Pulse Wholefoods is a co-operative that sells a variety of local, organic produce, increasingly providing options for zero waste.

Refill Swindon launched in September 2018. It is part of the growing international Refill scheme. For those of you without access to the phone app, please check out the local Refill stations list. Asking cafes, restaurants and pubs to support the scheme is a simple way to make positive change.

Plastic Pollution Action Plan placard

Friends Of The Earth and the National Association of Women’s Institutes have produced a Plastic Pollution Bill, a structured plan and timetable to eliminate plastic pollution. If implemented, it would be hugely beneficial. It currently has support from around 80 MPs but not from either of Swindon’s MPs. Please write to them urging them to do so. We have provided a template letter to help.

For ideas on reducing the amount of plastic we buy, please check out our plastic-free blogs and Friends of the Earth’s plastic-free website which includes guidance such as how to live without plastic in the home.

Taking part in challenges such as Plastic Free July or Waste Free February are good ways to learn together and get some support whilst doing so.

Ecobricks are building blocks made from reused plastic which are used in community projects. Some places in the world have even built schools with them. There is a local group on Facebook and a detajled article on this website. We are currently using ecobricks for small projects such as raised flower beds. That may change in time depending on how many we receive.

Why not get involved in a litter pick? Fun, worthwhile, good exercise and a nice way to spend time with other people. They reduce the chance of injury to wildlife and domestic animals and make our communities look nicer. They also help change the idea that littering is okay. We have been doing regular litter picks with RSPCA North Wilts and CARIG as well as other one-off picks. Please contact us if you would like us to set one up in your area.

Greenpeace logo

A Deposit Return Scheme Ask the government to take strong action on plastic pollution by implementing a strong Deposit Return Scheme (DRS).

Sharing information with friends and family, encouraging them to take action is simple and a great way to encourage change.

There are Plastic Free Swindon and Refill Swindon Facebook pages. Please support and share those, it’s very helpful for our work!

Do you want to put on an event? Would you like us to give a presentation? Do you have an idea that might help? Have a question?… Please contact us.