Plastic Free Swindon – Aims

Plastic Free Swindon is a campaign to eliminate plastic pollution. It is designed to help facilitate change by engaging with the people, organisations, institutions and representatives of Swindon. We seek to understand barriers to change in order to implement solutions. When we set up the campaign, we drew up a detailed plan and have been working on different aspects of that.

Swindon Climate Action Network are the affiliated Friends of the Earth group in Swindon, which means we are one of the organisations that form the global Break Free From Plastic movement. Plastic Free Swindon is one of many plastic-free town and city campaigns across the UK. And efforts to reduce plastic pollution are happening in groups like ours in countries all over the world. Together we can end plastic pollution, all of our actions do matter! By working together, through simple local actions, we can affect the necessary changes.

We desperately need legislation to stem the tide of plastic production / pollution. This is a major aim of our campaign. Friends of the Earth and the National Federation of Women’s Institutes have drawn up a structured plan and timetable to eliminate plastic pollution. It is called the Plastic Pollution Bill and is, at the time of writing, supported by around 80 MPs. Neither of Swindon’s MPs currently support the Bill. It seems, if we are to see the required legislative changes implemented, then we need to be working together to ensure that Swindon’s MPs get the message do so. There are many ways to do that.

We will be commencing on new areas of campaigning this autumn. More on that soon. Please contact us if you can spare some time to help. We are volunteers doing as much as we can with the capacity that we have.