‘No Plastic Bands’ – Swindon musicians support the plastic campaign

***Plastic Free Swindon can now be found at https://plasticfreeswindon.org***

No Plastic Bands is a series of gigs supported by Swindon musicians who care for the environment, about the problems that plastic pollution are causing. The gigs are to raise awareness of plastic pollution and the Plastic Free Swindon campaign, to raise money for the campaign and to have an enjoyable night of music where people come together for the common good.  The launch was covered in this article by the Swindon Advertiser.

We have had two gigs so far. The Castle welcomed us on the 27th July 2018 for the opening gig. An eclectic mix – Canute’s Plastic Army, Palm Rose and Frances The Farmer graced us with their music.  The second gig was kindly hosted by The Beehive on the 5th October 2018. This time, the music was along folky lines. S’Go, Talis Kimberley and The Bellflowers provided the excellent entertainment. Thanks so much to the performers and to the venues for hosting us. Everyone provided their time and resources for free. We had some interesting conversations, raised some money for the campaign and had a good time. More gigs to come…

Thanks to James for the excellent fliers:

No Plastic Bands Beehive poster                  No Plastic Bands Castle poster