Free Film Showing – ‘In Our Hands’

The seeds of a better food system.

In Our Hands explores a quiet revolution that is transforming the way our food is produced and distributed. Our current industrial food system is a vast and wheezing giant that is only upheld by a stilted subsidy regime that pays out to landowners and leaves many farmers by the wayside.

But from the hedge-rows and by-roads, the fields and furrows can now be heard the stirring of change! Stories from the global South have inspired farmers and food workers in our snug little island, with the idea of food sovereignty and a global movement to take back control of the food system.

From the grazier reviving the art of pasture, to the grower erecting a poly-tunnel in the heart of East London or the farmer saving a handful of ancient grain, a new agricultural landscape is emerging. Here rural traditions meet modern innovations in a new food system that will bring back life to the soil, a fair wage to the farmer and a flavour to the tomato!

Throughout the tumultuous summer of the Brexit referendum the Landworkers’ Alliance joined forces with two film-makers, to unearth the farms and faces that are making this change happen.

We stand on the brink, the future is uncertain, but the seeds of a better food system are In Our Hands!

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In Our Hands, a film made by the Landworkers Alliance, will be showing at the Central Community Centre, Swindon on Wednesday 14th March. Doors open at 6:45pm for a prompt start at 7:15pm. This is a free event but donations will be welcome to cover costs. This film will be of interest to anyone concerned about how we create a fairer and more sustainable food system for all in Britain. This event is a collaboration between Incredible Edible Swindon and Swindon Climate Action Network (SCAN).

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