Sustainable Choices event
10:00 to 16:00


Saturday 23 March 2019 from 10am to 4pm.
Shrivenham Memorial Hall, Highworth Road, Swindon, SN6 8BL.


I’m Kate, the creator/author of Sustainable Choices. I only made the decision last June to stop being lazy and start thinking a bit harder about ways our family could be less wasteful and more conscious about our impact on the environment.

I want people to understand that this event was started because I found the research into ways I could change some of our living habits quite time consuming. I felt that was a problem. How will more people learn about all this ‘eco-stuff’ if they aren’t even looking. My household is by no means zero waste. At this stage I don’t think that is possible for us but I do care enough to want to try. What I started to do was to find a network of people who can offer those alternatives and the information I needed. As I began to do that, I decided it would be great to share it with everyone else at the same time.

This event is for all of you who care about the damage we are doing to the planet, but haven’t quite worked out how to start doing something about it yet. Let this event introduce you to some of the ways you can help.

It is not something you can do over night. Just one step at a time. Find the right balance for your life style.

Challenge yourself to make a change. Come with an open mind. You might be surprised by the additional benefits some changes could have!

Looking forward to seeing you on 23rd March.’

Kate, the event creator