Repair Cafe and Free Shop – March 2019
14:00 to 17:00

Repair Cafe March 219 flier

‘Repair Cafe is joined by Free Shop, an opportunity to bring, take, or both.  We have been very fortunate to be supported by generous musicians who have come and played at the event.
Refreshments available to buy.

The Repair Café movement is a reaction to today’s throw-away mentality. Bring a broken item to the café and volunteers will help you mend it, advise on repair or explain why it can’t be fixed. It’s a social way of keeping good stuff out of landfill. The café bit is important, have a coffee and some cake whilst waiting.  The start-up of the Swindon Repair Cafe was supported by a Swindon Borough Council New Shoots Grant and donations of Sugru.

The Repair Café is an international concept, brought to Swindon by residents and Eastcott Community Organisation. Our volunteer repairers are usually able to help with laptops, textiles, clothes, bric a brac etc. We are unable to help with electrical items as our insurance does not permit this – we would be interested to offer this if we can find a qualified electrician so please do contact us if you can help..
Any repair advice or assistance provided by individuals outside the Repair Café, including advice given on this Facebook page, are private arrangements between individuals, and the Repair Cafe/Eastcott Community Organisation accepts no liability for any outcome of the advice or assistance offered.’