Introduction to Permaculture Ethics and Principles workshop
12:00 to 15:00

From Milly Carmichael, the event organiser, of Transition Marlborough:

‘Permaculture is the practice of learning from and consciously designing with the principles by which natural systems are successful and thriving. It’s basically the answer to the question “what would nature do?”

This engaging 3-hour workshop will introduce the core ethics and design principles of permaculture. I’ll share examples of how it is already being practiced locally, nationally and worldwide to create vibrant, abundant, life-enhancing projects and communities around all the systems that matter to our survival – soil, water, air, biodiversity, food, energy, transport, economy, health and community.

Come and see how you can start applying permaculture design into your own life.

Take a look at the Transition Network and The Permaculture Association websites for more information about these movements.

Book a place for £5 or contact Milly at  for limited free places to support attendance by anyone on a very low income.’