Green Drinks June – Return to The Gluepot
19:00 to 21:00

Monthly social where you can come along and chat with environmentally-minded people. This month’s theme – regrouping for the new Climate Campaign, and organising ourselves for the SCAN Annual Meeting on 27 June. (Of course you can also talk about anything else!) Please invite relevant friends and share this facebook event.

This month for a change we are returning to The Gluepot – many people’s favourite pub, and there are no other groups expected this month that can make it too noisy to hear.

SCAN who host this Green Drinks are the Swindon group affiliated to Friends of the Earth. FoE is launching a major new campaign on climate with partners, some detail here: https://takeclimateaction.uk/.

In Swindon our council has passed a climate motion and set up a working group, which is starting to reinvigorate council action on climate. We need to support this and make it much bolder! Here are 33 ideas from FoE: https://policy.friendsoftheearth.uk/insight/33-actions-local-authorities-can-take-climate-change . What do you think?

Contact Julian 07809 122474 or julian.p.jones@gmail.com for more information or if you can’t find us.