Ecobricks in Swindon

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This article contains information on what an ecobricks is, how they’re used, how to make them properly and tips on making them. Please fully read the information, including links, before contacting us with queries. Thanks.

What is an ecobrick and why is it important?

An Ecobrick is a reusable building block created by packing clean and dry used plastic into a plastic bottle to a set density.   Ecobricks enable us to take personal responsibility for our plastic’

Several ecobricks made from various coloured plastics

When we save, segregate and pack plastics into bottles, we can make building blocks that can be reused over and over again. Together we can build green spaces that enrich our community and remove plastic from the biosphere.  Together we can transition from plastic to ever greener harmony with Earth’s cycles.’

Ecobricks are a way to deal with some of the vast amounts of plastic pollution out there. It is important to understand that this is not ideal in the long-term and that, for many reasons, we need to be moving towards zero waste. Projects encourage community collaboration, teach about plastic pollution and show how difficult plastic is to deal with. Ecobricks can be and are used to make buildings, benches, artwork and much more. Whole schools have been built using ecobricks.

As building materials, it is vital that they are made correctly to ensure structural integrity. Follow the link below to learn how.

How to make ecobricks?

There is an Ecobricks Swindon group. If you use Facebook, please join the group and follow the procedure there. If not, please follow this procedure:

  • Ensure that ecobricks are weighed, logged and accepted. Please read and follow the ecobricks guides to do so. It is vital that ecobricks are made to the right specifications, such as weight and types of materials. We can’t accept any sub-standard ecobricks because we aren’t able to use them. So please ensure to read and follow the guides, thanks.
  • Read our tips on making ecobricks.
  • Contact us to arrange delivery / collection.
  • After following the guides, any problems with making ecobricks, please contact us.

We are currently using ecobricks to build raised flower beds. Depending on local engagement and activity, we may use them in future for community projects. For the Plastic Free Swindon campaign we will be using ecobricks alongside other work and projects to raise awareness of the problems with the use, ‘recycling’ (more accurately termed, downcycling) and disposal of plastic. Demonstrations sometimes form part of our stalls at events.

The pictures below show how engagement with local schools can be highly effective in communicating positive messages towards a brighter, sustainable future. These ecobricks were made by school children for the Sustainable Living Event in March 2019.