Climate Cafe – The Brutal Logic of Climage Change

We would like to thank Dr Aaron Thierry of the University of Sheffield – who was the speaker at our second ‘Swindon Climate Cafe‘ on ‘The Brutal Logic of Climage Change‘.

The even took place on Friday 24th November from 7 – 9pm, at Darkroom Espresso – many thanks to our friends at Darkroom for hosting us once again.

The talk and Q&A / discussion comprised an overview of the latest science of climate change and made explicit the connections between the physical and ecological changes already taking place, with their impacts on human welfare.

Dr Thierry highligthed the lack of ambition in the current emissions targets if we are to avoid extremely dangerous alterations to our environment, and showed the areas of opportunity where change could be made. If you missed it – you can see a version of his talk on YouTube at

Thanks to everyone who came to hear the talk and took part in the discussions which followed!

The Swindon Climate Cafes are a series of talks and workshops focusing in all things ‘eco’ and environment, from the science, to the very hands on and practical. We hope you’ll join us at the next event on Monday 29th January 2018!