Climate Cafe – ‘Powering Up’

We heard from Ellie Stevens of the Centre for Sustainable Energy on their ‘Powering Up!’ project which looks at Building Energy Resilience in low income communities.

“What happens to low-income households whose energy bills suddenly increase? When energy prices rise dramatically or families experience a change in circumstances such as an elderly relative living at home? And how can such households and their neighbourhoods be supported to become more ‘energy resilient’?

These are questions that the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) is exploring through its Powering Up! project, working in three low-income communities – Penhill in Swindon, Druffyn in Newport and Hamp in Bridgwater. 

“We don’t want any community to be left behind – community energy can have huge social and financial benefits; it can bring people with common concerns together, generate income towards other projects and lift people out of fuel poverty. Through this project we are applying community development methods as we work in low income communities with no history of community energy to increase knowledge, confidence and energy resilience”.

We also heard from Gerry and Lucas, both members of SCAN, about a local insulation retro-fitting initiative in association with Eastcott Community / Savernake Street Social Hall.  Please contact us for more info.

Thanks to Will at Darkroom Espresso for hosting the event.