Pinehurst litter pick banner

2nd Pinehurst Litter Pick, with North Wilts RSPCA

On Sunday 28th October 2018, RSPCA North Wiltshire and Swindon Climate Action Network (SCAN) organised a second litter pick in Pinehurst as part of the Plastic Free Swindon campaign.  Both organisations want to provide positive solutions to the problems that plastic waste causes.  A litter pick is a good way to do this: reducing litter and the harm it causes, reusing and recycling where possible, raising awareness of issues, bringing people together out of care, helping to make the local area nicer for all.   We had a good day. This article on the work of RSPCA North Wiltshire describes the harm that litter causes wildlife and why it is important to urgently address these problems. Please see our Facebook pages (RSPCA North WIlts’, SCAN page, SCAN group) for more information. Be the change…

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SCAN Launch Plastic Free Swindon

Swindon Climate Action Network are pleased and excited to announce the Plastic Free Swindon campaign; a collection of events and actions to engage and collaborate with the people, organisations and institutions of Swindon. Events will include art creation, a community clean-up for our animal friends, live music, films, creative competitions, a plastic-free blog, articles written by local groups and people and more… We launch this campaign on World Environment Day, the 5th of June 2018, a UN initiative which, this year, addresses plastic. Swindon will play its part and we encourage you to get involved!! The campaign will incorporate Speak Up Week, which runs from the 30th of June to the 8th of July, encouraging us to influence our MPs to make good choices on our behalf. We will be challenging the people of Swindon to sign up to Plastic Free July and encourage others to do the same. Going plastic[…]

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Want to work with SCAN on one of our priority issues?

Our Network Mapper, Jo, has been working hard to identify other groups in Swindon with whom SCAN could collaborate on the 3 key issues we plan to focus on this year – those of Home Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Transport, and Sustainable Food. Her sterling work has already raised a number of possibilities – but if you are an individual or member of a group which has an interest in any of the above three areas we’d love to hear from you so do please get in touch by email or via the facebook page.

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